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RA Air Handling Unit Nominal cfm 1,100 – 44000

Air Handling Units (AHU) -1100-44000CFM
The modular Air Handling Unit design concept provides the flexibility to meet the rising demand of indoor air quality. The RA range can be manufactured to almost any configuration to meet customers’ requirements.
Air Handling Unit (AHU) is designed by two methods:
First one with total fresh air, the second one with mixing box between fresh air and return air
Flexibility: RA units are manufactured in modular sections. All components of RA units are easily accessible.
Unit Base: RA provided with base under the unit as an option. The unit base is a fabricated, welded galvanized sheet metal base of high gage along the perimeter of the unit
Frame: RA are constructed of framed module for maximum rigidity and strength, structure frame is made of extruded anodized aluminum profile so called “Penta-Post”.
Panels: RA panels are constructed from double wall, sandwich type panels.
Insulation:For best thermal and acoustical performance, all panels and Penta-Post frames are internally insulated with fiberglass 48kg/m3 having black glass tissue facing
Intake / Mixing box: RA equipped with heavy duty, multi- blade, and low leakage damper to modulate and control the air flow.
Filters: Wild varieties from air filtration system are available to choose from depending on requirements which include:
Coils: Variety of coils including child water, direct expansion (R134a, R22) and hot water coil are available to meet a wide range of applications requirements. Coil Comply to ARI 410 standard.
Fan: RA series used double inlet width centrifugal fan as standard. All fans are belt-driven by motors and the impellers are keyed to the shafts and all fans statically and dynamically balanced
Motor: Fan motors are totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC), foot mounted, IP55 protected and class-F insulated. The motor are mounted on adjustable base so that belt tension can be easily adjusted.
Isolator: Fan motor sub assembly is mounted on anti vibration mounts from rubber vibration eliminators or open type anti vibration spring isolator
Energy recovery:
•Energy Recovery Wheel
•Plate Heat Exchanger
•Heat Pipe
Optional Specifications:
• Pre filter.
•VFE Filter.
•BAG Filter.
•HEPA Filter.
•Carbon Filter.
2- Steam humidifier
•Electrode Humidifier
•Heater humidifier
3- Air Washer
4-Access Panel:
•Screwed Panel
•Hinged Door
•Hinged Door with double lever lock
•Removable Access with latches and handle
5- Sound attenuator
Intake / mixing box Damper:
•Bronzing Bearing
•Galvanized Steel Damper with Airfoil Blades.
•Gear type Damper
•Back Draft Damper For discharge
6. Fire Damper
7. Diffuser plate
8. Electric heater.


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