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FPNG 415V-3PH-50H

FPNG 415V-3PH-50H

Fresh PNG are designed specifically for tropical operation with high performance, low power consumption, easy installation and low noise operations. Quality and Efficiency make air cooled package units the preferred choice for DX cooling systems in commercial and industrial application.
Packaged Units with Scroll Compressor Tropical can be used for cooling or heating with optional electric heater.


• High EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) exceeds the new ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency levels.
• Low power consumption.
• High volumetric efficiency scroll compressors.
• Designed to operate at severe ambient temperature up to 52°C without tripping.
• Low noise level compressors, condenser fans and evaporator blower.
• Compact physical foot print.
• Microprocessor Controller


• Condenser Fans: The fans are selected for optimum efficiency and maximum sound power reduction, propeller type and direct driven
• Condenser Coils: The coils are built up seamless copper tubes and mechanically bonded to scientifically design louvered fins. The assembled coils are factory leak tested under water at a pressure of 450 psig for quality and leak free unit.
• Condenser Fan Motor: Condenser fan motors are totally enclosed air-over type with class F insulation motors are provided with inherent thermal protection and auto rest type.
• Compressor: The compressors are hermetic scroll type provided with crankcase heater, internal pressure relief valve which provides high pressure protection to the refrigerant system and rubber vibration isolators for quiet and efficient operation.
• Evaporator Coils: The coils are built up of ripple finned seamless copper tubes and mechanically bonded to scientifically design
Louvered fins. The assembled coils are factory leak tested under water at a pressure of 350 psig for quality and leak free units
• Single point power supply
• Color coded wires
• Weather proof Control panel
• Quality Assurance
• All units in the PNG series are Factory run tested.
• Produced in an ISO 9001-2000 listed manufacturing facility.
• Constructed in compliance with ASHRAE 15 safety requirements.
• Evaporator Fan: The units are provided with centrifugal fans which are statically and dynamically balanced, designed for low sound level operation Belt driven.
• Drain Pan: The drain pan is fabricated of galvanized steel. The drain pan is powder coat painted and the outer surface is thermally insulated.
• Unit Casing: The casing sheet metal is fabricated from hot dipped G90, Zinc coating and zero spangle galvanized steel, oven-baked powder coated. The unit is provided with an integral weather resistant control panel for outdoor application. Panels and access doors are pro-vided for inspection and access for all internal parts.
• Hot gas bypass valve
• “2 Aluminum filter.


• Construction and refrigeration
• Double skin for evaporator side.
• Condenser coil guard.
• Mesh around perimeter of condenser sections.
• Stainless steel drain pan.
• Double side drain connections.
• 2” or 4” flat filter, bag filter.
• Mixing box.
• Neoprene rubber pads.
• 1” spring isolator.
• Sand Trap Filter
• Lockable door for the control panel.
• Bird Screen on inlet hood
• Evaporator coating
• Condenser coating.
• Copper fins.
• Electric heaters (open coil type)
• Electric heaters (fin type)
• Compressor circuit breaker
• Mild ambient (fan cycling) control
• Duct sensor
• Anti – ice thermostat
• Volt free contacts
• External overload
• Ultra violet light
• Dirty filter indication
• Fire alarm connection
• Economizer controller
• External Overload for each condenser fan motor
• Circuit breaker for each compressor
• circuit breaker for each condenser fan motor
• Modulating High and Low pressure switches
• High and Low Pressure Gauges
• circuit breaker for evaporator fan motor
• Pump down solenoid valve (PDS)
• Adjustable high with low pressure switch
• Muffler
• Sight glass
• Replaceable filter drier w/mechanical shut-off valve
• Steam Humidifier


The Package New Generation units are provided with technologically advanced Microprocessor based controller.

Incorporating the following benefits and features:

• Anti-Recycle Timer
• Compressor lock out function
• Balance loading of compressors
• Compressors lead-lag operation
• Pump down option.
• Fault diagnostics
• Indicator low pressure Safeties


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