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Concealed Ducted Split Units R22 24-60 MBH 50Hz

CHE 024-060MBH
Coolex Concealed Ducted Split Units (Evaporating unit ) CHE 024-060MBH.
•Coolex high efficiency concealed ducted split units are designed specifically for tropical operation with high performance, low power consumption, easy installation and low noise operation.
•Coolex Concealed Ducted Split Units can be used for cooling or heating with optional duct electric heater.
Evaporating unit:
Evaporator coil:
•the coils are built up of ripple finned seamless copper tubes and mechanically bonded to scientifically designed louvered fins the assembled coils are factory leak tested under water at a pressure of 350 Psi for quality and leak test.
Unit Construction:
•The indoor unit consists of a coil, motor/blower assembly and a drain pan securely mounted on heavy gauge galvanized steel housing.
Indoor Unit Features
•Compact design
•Low profile
•Low sound power level
•For ducted application
•3 speed motors
•Easy maintenance
•Easy installation
•External terminal box
Indoor Unit: Options & Accessories:
•Wireless remote controller
•Cleanable air filter
Optional Specifications:
1 – Duct Electric Heater
•A protection box with duct electric heater and safety Control can also be provided.
2 – Microprocessor Based Controller LCD display
•Room temperature/set temperature display in C or F.
• Mode of operation (Cool/Heat/Dry/ Fan system control).
•Error Codes.


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