Sweer Co. Ltd.


Since 2008, Al Sweer has been developing & delivering the refrigerant gas for the new generations with advancement. We have been distributing R1234yf to the generations all over the world. Klemax from a long time is accompanied for delivering high efficiency and pressurized gas. Its making from the industries of ultimate success and near to the cent percent accuracy, led it to establish its presence over the market. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the global market and hence we are thriving for it no matter how more we need to run.

We have been making R1234yf with all the accuracies and with the testing department to carry out its efficiency. Klemax delivers qualified refrigerant gas.

Our presence in the market has been indulging with the sense of comfort for the end users and manufacturing units in the installation of refrigeration units. We strive for total customer satisfaction by delivering high-performing products backed by excellent service and support.

We are proud to announce us the manufacturer and suppliers of a new coming refrigerant gas looking at a big junction in future.